How pH Balance can affect Weight Loss

pH Balance weight lossPh Balance and The Fat Connection

In order to lose weight in a natural and healthy way you need to make sure that your body has a neutral pH balance or one that is leaning towards being a bit alkaline. People who are overweight tend to have an acid pH balance in their blood. Tissues that are acidic bond fat to the body and keep you obese.

If your body is too acidic you will not lose weight. Once you learn how to keep the acids out of your body in the first place then your body will start shedding excess fat.

If your food and drink are alkaline, then that acid binding fat will just melt away. There is no need for the body to hang on to it anymore.

To understand whether or not your body is acidic or alkaline you need to understand the term pH.

The term pH derives from German, with p standing for “potent” —power—and H being the symbol for hydrogen. Technically speaking, what pH measures is actually the concentration or activity of hydrogen ions in any given tissue or solution so this could also refer to the blood, fluids or tissues of the body.

An atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have positive charge and electrons have a negative charge and neutrons have no charge. When a single atom posses an equal number of these proton and electrons the atom is neutral. If it is picks up or loses an electron it becomes positively or negatively charged. Once charged, the name for an atom is an icon.

Below a pH of 7 substances are considered to be aside because they are saturated with pro-tons – also known as hydrogen ions. Many slimming foods are saturated with electrons which are alkaline.

In essence, the more protons there are in an icon the more acidic it is. An increase in hydrogen ions (protons) means a drop in pH and a decrease in those ions means a rise in pH.

So to simplify all of this: all acidic foods have a positive charge and all alkaline things have a negative charge.

Your ideal physical state is to have a negatively charged alkaline body. The only way to do this is to eat more negatively charged foods.

Think of your body like a big battery. In order for it have energy you need to have more electrons than protons in your body. When you take in alkaline rich food and drinks you are in effect recharging your own fuel cells.

The key is to find that exactly negatively charged balance that stops your body from soaking up and storing protons in your fat cells. Instead of protons, you will be storing electrons, which will leave you, quite literally, full of energy and in a state where your body is constantly able to lose fat.


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