Why Most Diets Don’t Work

Why Diets don't workWhy Most Diets Don’t Work

If you are looking for a way to lose weight fast then you are usually looking at an unhealthy diet. These include any diets that promise that you will lose fifteen pounds in three days, fifteen pounds in a week or even fifteen pounds in a month! To stay healthy you should not be losing any more than ten pounds a month.

You are also likely not able to stay healthy sticking to any diet that claims to be no fat, low carb, high protein, or that consists only eating grapefruit or cabbage. You should also avoid any diet that involves taking a lot of pills or chemicals or making your body more acidic in nature.

Following most fad diet plans will eventually achieve the opposite of what you want. You will gain unwanted weight, as your body desperately protects itself from acidity caused by these diets by piling on the fat. The only true and lasting solution to being overweight is to change your eating habits so that your blood is at a healthy alkaline pH level at all times. This will help you stay fit, eliminate toxins and make the most of any exercising.

Weight-loss advice comes in many guises. Most often the “new” and “revolutionary” diets are really old fad diets making a comeback. For instance the high protein low carbohydrate is as old as the original Aitkin’s diet, which was first introduced to the public in the 1970s. Even though it’s an antique concept in dieting it is still often marketed as the “latest thing.” The South Beach Diet is just the Aitkin’s diet repackaged to us again.

You also know you are dealing with a fad diet if the diet claims to recommend only a few foods or ban a specific food or food group. A good example is the cabbage soup diet where you eat only bananas one day and glasses of milk the next. Another good example is the watermelon diet or the grapefruit diet which involves consuming one food alone. You can’t live on one food all day and expect to stay healthy.

The truth behind weight gain in this society is that people are eating more total calories and getting less physical activity. Your body simply doesn’t distinguish between types of calories when it comes to weight gain only the number of calories that you consume.

Fad and crash diets are not only unhealthy but they are also cause rebound weight gain. Also most diets cause an initial weight loss but the ultimate result is that you gain all of the weight back the minute you go off the plan. If you don’t gain it back within a couple of days, you are likely to gain it all back plus a bit more within a year.


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