The Acidic Body and Lifestyle Change

The Acidic Body and Lifestyle Change

When it comes to all the extra weight we are carrying around, we have to comprehend the cause before we can put the practical remedy into action. This is because the cure for obesity is not dieting – it is lifestyle change. Obesity needs to be treated just like any other illness. The goal is to treat the whole person and not just a symptom.

Any program that addresses only the obvious symptom of the problem (excess pounds) will never truly solve the problem. It’s like putting a band-aid on a heart that needs open heart surgery.

Dieting to lose weight is like pulling a weed without getting at the root .In fact if you think of this all like a garden then you might see that dieting is more like depriving the garden of rain or nutrients. You are still feeding the weeds that you never pulled up as the root causes of the obesity.

Low fat has been where it is at for a couple of decades now but unfortunately that are partly what has gotten us into so much trouble with our weight. Depriving ourselves of cholesterol, carbs or sugar has not worked well either.

To lose weight you have to stop counting calories, carbs and denying yourself foods and fats and instead focus on eating more alkaline foods.

Acidic foods are a real problem. Our bodies dispose of some of these acids through the bowels, skin and urinary tract but whatever is left must be buffered and neutralized. If these acids are not eliminated then they destroy your tissues and organs quite quickly.

Our bodies cannot fight the cascade of acidic substances that we consume every day. Too much acid in the body robs the blood of oxygen and without it the metabolism slows down. We digest our food more slowly and suffer from weight gain. Even worse the food stall in our system and clog up our colon making our livers, kidneys, skins and other organs of elimination toxic as well.

Yet another consequence of consuming too much acidic food is that it robs the body of oxygen and without oxygen food starts to oxidize, ferment and rot. The fermentation creates fungus, mold and yeast to thrive in the colon and throughout our body.

The end result of this is a very unhealthy individual who is usually too fat. That is why going on a very natural organic diet regiment is recommended to address your weight problems.



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